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From baboons to warthogs, animals are aplenty in South Africa

Sept. 6, 2014 My time in South Africa has allowed me to see and interact with animals I had only previously seen in books or at zoos. And of course,  I encountered a few species in grocery store meat counters … Continue reading

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Vervet ‘varmints’ vex my efforts against being fooled

August 14, 2014 Along the road and in the bushes of the Eastern Cape, the black-faced vervet monkey seems to be at the ready to bound across and around vehicles and people on the lookout for cheap eats, i.e. people’s … Continue reading

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The grocery store serves as entry to Cape Town life

June 27, 2014 A trip to another country raises expectations of the exotic and unusual. I hold to this notion that the people in this country or that – China or Ireland or Trinidad or South Africa – will somehow … Continue reading

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