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Makana government inspires “rainbow coalition” of protest

August 27-28, 2014 Municipal employees who face sporadic paydays, black and white residents who still don’t have running water and township folks who are fed up with the failure to deliver on a 20-year-old promise of housing converged on City Hall … Continue reading

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Getting water the old-fashioned way by bucket or jug

August 27, 2014 The Makana Municipality decided to provide Rhodes University and Grahamstown folk with a blast from the past with a running water outage starting last weekend. So let’s count this as Day 5 of the shutdown due to electronic pumping … Continue reading

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Not your everyday encounter with flora and fauna

July 17, 2014 Grahamstown, South Africa apparently is situated at the crossroads of four biomes, or animal and plant groupings based on climate and geography.   What that means is what you typically see around town in terms of bushes, birds, and … Continue reading

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Newspaper hawkers resurrected for 10 days

July 15, 2014 The National Arts Festival served as the forum for marketing newspapers the old-fashioned way via an on-foot, on-the-street sales force.  That quaint “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” from black-and-white 1940s movies was replaced by hawkers proclaiming, … Continue reading

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