Penguins on parade, on the beach, even on socks

July 25, 2014

sandypengs1You might think that a visit to Africa would warrant a plan to commune with elephants or giraffes or lions.   No.

A visit to South Africa, Cape Town and the Western Cape including the Cape of Good Hope demanded encounters with penguins.  So from the aquarium at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront in Cape Town to the World of Birds outside Houts Bay to Robben Island and ultimately the creme de la creme of penguindom – Boulders Beach – I got a chance to get down with the African penguin.

The African penguin also has been stigmatized by a nickname given to it because of the sound it makes. It has been called the “jackass” penguin because it sounds like a braying donkey.  Trying to capture the audio of that braying made me FEEL like one but I DID get a little of it.

And I do have a pair of penguin socks but no video or stills. Use your imagination.

So here is a link to a slideshow (all of a sudden I can’t get the embed code to stick and be used within the post. But you’ll like the penguins.



About janetkolodzy

Janet Kolodzy is a Professor of Journalism at Emerson College, Boston, MA. After a career as a print and broadcast journalist, she has been teaching about the practice of convergence journalism, which encourages the use of a mix of media storytelling tools to help journalists inform audiences.
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